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It is a turn-based action that fights by making full use of rhythm and command.

This game is currently in production. Feel free to comment on your opinions and bug reports! Also, you can select English in the language setting, but I think that there is a defect because it is a translation using machine translation. If you find the wrong expression, please let me know.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
TagsDeck Building, Furry, Pixel Art


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This is amazing! Love the artstyle and the characters and the gameplay is quite fun even if I don't fully get it

Hey, cool game! BTW  I'm working on a beat mapper app for music-based games. It's called MBOY Editor (https://vfpe.itch.io/mboy-editor) Do you want to try it for your game? Vic

Great original idea that I would love to see to completion!

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[About English Translation]

For poison shot (such as BELLDR and BITE), the English translation says that you heal if the attack is matched, however you actually heal if it is a hit.

Edit: a similar translation error exists in the description for ONRUSH: it says you gain strength if the attack is matched, but you actually gain strength if the attack hits.

Reprised is GREAT!!! I love the music, cute characters, and snappy gameplay~

Sharing it with my friends. They like it also.

I hope you have fun making it, and hope you succeed!



[About English Translation]
With the item "Wakaba" the phrase "Add 1 power of BLT skill." should be written as 'Add 1 power to BLT skill.'

Hopefully this helps, and developing goes well~









Looks neat and cute.. Question about some items, what does wakaba do? it says it adds 1 to something but looks like its either untranslated or got mangled to symbols. I noticed that the player starts with various x model equipment/items... I was wondering based on the item sprite if model was ment to be medal? all and all this is really well made. any plans to refine this further? I could easly imagine this being for sale as a comercial product. huh thought just crossed my mind what are your plans for added replayability to this? Currently the selected foes feel like bossfights will there be minor foes too?

Loving the game! keep up the great work Hanzaki-san :D

[for english ppl]
when you first launch the game, press ESC to open the menu. you can change the language from japanese to english from there

in a battle, press CTRL to change the japanese move names into symbols, so that you can have a better idea of what you're doing




Ooh I like this, it's pretty satisfying to play! I haven't tried out the other skills yet, but the four basic skills were already really fun to play with throughout the eight opponents. That final opponent was a great challenge.

Bug report: During the win or lose screen, pressing Confirm repeatedly will result in a repeat of the screen transition.




I love your music, the game is great so far. Keep it up!